5 Key Tips to Help Beat The Aging Process

No doubt about it, getting older is inevitable. As a baby boomer I have found that it just doesn’t make any difference how hard we try to stay young it will always catch up with us. That does not mean that you have to sit by and let it prematurely take your youth away. There are things you can do, starting right now, that may help you beat some of that aging process and maintain your youthful looks and some of that vigor you had when you were younger. You may even get so well into aging well that no one will be able to guess what your age is.

These tips are all extremely simple in concept; no magic pill here. Read on to find out the five key tips that you should probably be doing.

Tip 1: Sleep more

Sleeping is really one of life’s simplest pleasures and it should come naturally to you. I may be like about half of the country and be chronically sleep deprived but I do try to get the sleep I need. Chronically deprived means that we are getting less than the recommended amount of eight to nine hours per night. Sleep is how our bodies reset and heal.

During the sleep process our bodies work at a repair process. Our proteins in our skin are fixed, hormone production is ramped up and our rebuilding process goes on. A couple of things sleep deprivation does is it inhibits the body’s ability to fix structural defects, including DNA, which is one of the causes of accelerating grey hair, skin wrinkling and the deterioration of our vital organs.

Tip 2: Eat More Vegetables

One thing I do is eat more vegetables. Maybe you should also. It does matter which ones you eat so you should include a variety. Each one brings a different something to your body and helps your health. Most vegetables are extremely low in calories, making them the perfect bulk item for meals because you can eat a lot and fill yourself. I do this and find that I tend to eat less of the more caloric and carbohydrate filled foods. Vegetables help me stay regular and they may help you too since they are filled, for the most part, with fiber which helps keep the intenstinal tract and colon on point for good health. Vegetables may also contain a ton of antioxidents, depending upon which you eat. They contain a variety of vitamins and minerals and together with the antioxidents help fend off free radicals and compounds that may damage DNA and promote aging beyone the normal process.

Tip 3: Shed Bad Recreational Hobbies

I did this a long time ago. Sitting on your couch and wathing TV all day and night is definitely not healthy for you. That in and of itself harms your body over a long period of time. But you know the ones I mean; the ones that could actually do harm to your body; the unhealthy hobbies.

A few of the ones that can do long-term and short term damage are smoking, using drugs, and over consumption of alcohol. Been there, done that, with the exception of the drugs. Over indulgence of these will put excessive stress on your kidneys and liver, the organs used to process out the toxins in our bodies. Over indulgence may make it impossible for these organs to do their job which simply lets our health decline and fail. This in turn will kill us. This means they are definitely bad for our health.

Smoking is the one that most people think just affects the lungs. Smoking actually affects your whole body from the lungs to the blood vessels. The blood vessels put the carcinogens of smoking throughout your body. A couple of the effects are; skin ages faster, nutrient delivery to the body suffers and you increase the chances of dying from the complications of lung problems and cancer.

Tip 4: Stay Happy

Most of us, including me, didn’t have the time to stay happy all the time. We were too busy working and trying to raise a family. I’m not talking of being happy 100 percent of the time. Generaly being and staying happy has proven to be beneficial to our health. Many benefits over being sad or pouty all the time.

Being happy produces the “feel good” endorfins in the brain that will help boos mod, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, and as a healthy added benefit; reduce stress and tension.

Practicing mindful meditation is one great way to begin, and/or continue, developing your appreciation of the little things in life. This may improve your outlook and the fact that frowning all the time does nothing but speed up the wrinkles and fine lines in your face.

Tip 5: Exercise

A little jogging, walking, or cycling is good for you at just about any point in your life. This may help diminish the effects of aging some, but one way to improve your strength to endure and keep muscle tone is weight training. A couple of the benefits are; helping to prevent skin from sagging, wrinkling, and your posture becoming slouched and stooping.

These are just some of the tips that may help you stem the flow of aging a little. There are many others, too many to list in this article. Do some research and see what you can find out that may help you keep your health or get some of it back.