Anti-aging Skin Care and You

If you’re like me, you are constantly looking for anything that will make you look and feel younger, all the way to anti-aging creams.  We are looking for ways to make our skin look younger, smoother, ageless.

During our travels to different stores, both online and offline, we have intermittent success.  And the success we do have is not always good or healthful.  Between these small successes our skin continues to remain rough, irritated and dry.  If you’re like me you have turned to all kinds of creams, especially the anti-aging creams.

But more often than not these creams are filled with preservatives and other chemicals; they actually the cause of most of our skin problems.

This plethora of chemicals and preservatives protect these products from damage and lengthens its shelf-life.  Unfortunately, these products can leave our skin inflamed, irritated and infected.

Some of the preservatives are:  Paraben, Formaldehyde, Quaterium-15, Phenoxyethanol, DMDM hydantion, and Imidazolidinyl urea.

There are, of course, other chemicals that cannot be used in cosmetics and moisturizers because they may cause cancer or some kind of other serious health problem.  Some of these are:  Bithionol, Mercury compounds, chloroform, methylene chloride, vinyl chloride, hexachlorophene, zirconium complexes in aerosol sprays and halogenated salicyanilides.

Unfortunately for all of us, the people who make these cosmetics and skin creams do not need FDA approval to put them on the market.  The FDA does not review any of the ingredients before these products are sold to the public.

I have used some products with these chemicals and preservatives in them, not knowing how bad they are for my skin.  You may have also.  As we use these anti-aging creams and moisturizers we give no thought to the fact that our skin is one of our most vital organs.  We should take care of our skin with much more concern.  We are concerned with trying to bring our skin back to health, so we use a variety of anti-aging creams.

As we have grown older we have really start to take an interest in our skin.  When we were young we didn’t really take an interest in our skin even though it is the largest vital organ on our bodies.  Maintaining robust skin health is good for us and many of us have really started to take a look at what our neglect has done to it.

There are some ways we can take care of our skin on a daily basis to keep it looking supple and attractive and most of all, healthy.

  1. We can drink plenty of water each day
  2. We can give our skin a thorough cleansing at least twice each day. Make sure the skin is clean.
  3. We can eat a balanced nutritional diet. it would help if all grains, dairy, and sugars were eliminated.
  4. We can moisturize our skin.

Below are some ways to moisturize our skin that is better than any anti-aging cream on the market.

  1. Coconut oil: I’m sure you have heard about coconut oil coming around for the past few years as having tremendous value for older people.  Those folks who are doing all the research are starting to revolutionize our aging health.  Many are promoting coconut oil for keeping our skin moisturized and healthy.

This oil actually penetrates our skin layers deeply and provides moisture all the way down.  One of the great things about this oil is that it does help keep the rough skin smooth and helps it look and stay healthy. Organic coconut oil is very good for use as an emollient on your skin.  This is because it contains a lot of healthy fats.  The oil softens and sooths your skin.  But, if you use this oil on your face, be cautious to not get any in your eyes.  Coconut oil will leave a thin layer of oil on your eyes an possibly irritate them for a while.  The good news is that this irritation will go away quickly.

Make sure you use cold-pressed virgin coconut oil that is totally organic.

  1. Rice bran oil: This is a traditional oil that has been used for centuries in Japan.  The oil is used to keep the skin of the face smooth.  Rice bran oil can keep your skin incredibly soft.

Strangely enough, even though it is an oil it penetrates the skin layers deeply also.  The oil contains antioxidants that fight free radicals and helps to aid in slowing down the aging process of your skin and all its effects. Rice bran oil is considered to be hypoallergenic so it can be used on even the most sensitive skin.  This oil also contains oryzanol that actually helps whiten the skin slightly.

Oryzanol will help slow down melanin pigmentation by restraining the erythema activity of tyrosinase.  What this does is stops the ultraviolet rays transmission at the surface of the skin.  Rice bran oil has been recommended as a superior emollient and promoter of collagen formation which is widely used in products made that are used for dry and mature skin.

  1. Olive oil: Many people use olive oil because it, too, doesn’t have any preservatives or chemicals in it.  One of the reasons olive oil is used is because it is extracted from a fruit, not grains or seeds.  These oils are cold pressed and extracted by the use of mechanical extractors.  No heat is involved with the process. Most, but not all are filtered to get rid of any little bits of stuff left in the extracted oil.

Now, look at what is in olive oil:  nutrients that are good for the skin, vitamins, antioxidants and all sorts of natural, organic compounds that will benefit our skin.

Olive oil is a very inexpensive way to take care of our skin.    Take a look at what it is costing you for your current anti-aging cream.  And ask what it is doing for you.  Olive oil is totally good for the care of your skin, and it does not have preservatives or chemicals. Organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil will help hydrate your skin and reduce wrinkles, fight acne, and diminish your skin blemishes.  This oil will also help firm your skin and make it more supple, exfoliate your skin, and cleanse and moisturize your skin too.

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