Healthy Habits You Simply Cannot Live Without

Many, if not most, of our chronic diseases are caused by the way we live our lives. In other words, our lifestyles. Most people tend to avoid exercise or basically eliminate it altogether. This allows them to become overweight, or obese. These people tend to eat foods that are unhealthy for them that could possibly lead to diabetes, cancer, strokes, heart disease, and too many others to list here.

People usually find it extremely difficult to change their lifestyle. Too many people try to change everything all at once. As a result, their chance at change is given up because it is too hard to do. They give up on any change to healthy habits they were attempting and revert to the negative health habits that got them in the unhealthy fix they are in. They tried the change all at once and found it too hard to do.

Sometimes this attempt to change may last for a few days to a few weeks.  All the while people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. People who don’t plan, or change their habits, become overwhelmed and stop trying before they gain any of the benefits. They stop trying to be healthy. Most often they go back to eating and living the unhealthy lifestyle they were living prior to the attempt. They go back to eating processed foods and junk food. They stop working out or any type of exercise.

These are the reasons why it is better for you to change your unhealthy habits to healthy habits one change at a time.  You won’t become overwhelmed and stop your endeavor to become healthy.

Many weight loss programs work if you follow them carefully and do not deprive yourself of too much. The same is true for exercise programs. If you do choose to exercise because you actually enjoy exercising, start gradually. If you don’t you will become discouraged and overwhelmed with too much exercising and the pain involved, and quit.

The real trick to changing and living a healthy lifestyle is to begin your change gradually. Stop trying trendy diets or fitness fads. If you are like many people you will attempt these with gusto and soon become responding negatively to the diet or current fad and you will not stick with the programs.

There are, actually, a few simple things you can do to live a happier, healthier life. You can start with these 5 changes to your health habits:

 1. Try eating one healthy meal a day. It doesn’t make any difference if you eat a lot of processed foods most of the time, if you eat just one healthy food meal each day you will feed your body with good nutrition and healthy proteins. A healthy meal consists of mainly fruits and vegetables, supplemented with whole grain products and fat healthy meats. Make sure you foods are organic.

It doesn’t matter how much you eat because if the food is healthy for you it won’t usually contain a lot of calories with a lot less chance of causing weight gain. You do see a lot of weight gain eating junk foods and/or highly processed foods. Even so, you should make it a habit of watching your portion sizes.

2. Drink a full glass of water before each meal. Research has stated that water is the best liquid you can drink. When you decide to drink a glass of water before each meal you will feel fuller before eating. And, you won’t have a tendency to eat as much as you have previously. Try to make sure that your water is filtered with a high quality filter system.

3. Be active during your lunch time. Most people eat their lunch quickly. It doesn’t make any difference if you are given a half-hour or an hour. It doesn’t take long to eat lunch. Try eating your meals and then take a walk or do light exercise. Exercising does not mean working out hard, just taking a brisk walk. You should be able to do that. This may just energize you and help you burn off some of the calories you ingested with lunch. Walking also helps in the digestive process.

 It really doesn’t matter what type of exercise you choose as long as you do something reasonable to you. Do something that will help you feel better about yourself after lunch. A side benefit of doing some type of light exercise is that it may just help you relieve some stress and help make the rest of your day go easier for you.

4. Try an organic meal replacement bar. This involves finding organic protein bars and eating one as a snack instead of junk foods. Some of the protein bars actually contain some good nutrition and fiber. Many are not as calorie-rich as you may think. The big thing about them is that they will help stave off hunger pangs that many people have in the middle of the afternoon.

If you have a desk you can keep a stash there, just don’t eat more than one at a time. Or, you may have to find someplace else to keep them. You will find that this will help you not go to the vending machines during the day. You may also find that it will help you stop eating junk food during the day.

5. Exercise regularly. If you have a gym membership try going several times per week. Usually 3 or 4 will help you. Choose something that you enjoy doing and do it for at least half an hour per session. Exercising may help energize you for the rest of the day. It may help you build up your muscle mass and help you burn off some of the calories you ingested during the day.

These are some suggestions you might try.  It all depends on how much you really want to get your self healthy and living a better lifestyle.

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