Why Did Humans Really Start Eating Meat?

It must have felt totally unnatural to eat that first mouthful of animal flesh. After all, we are animals ourselves and not so distant or far removed from other animals living in our world. That first bite may have felt a bit like being a cannibal. Although at that time there may not have been so much intellectual thought or distinction between being a human or another animal. The word “human” was probably “not” in the vocabulary at the time.

So, looking back when humans were pure vegetarians, they were actually living in harmony with the Mother Gaia and all the other creatures cohabiting with them. And, their closest animal relatives were vegetarians. They were the Apes.

When looking at the Apes, eating the different products produced on earth like plants, grains and fruits it would be like a natural order of things to gather them and eat. But, as it were, necessity is always the mother of invention.

Cold or frozen environments where prehistoric man lived or areas of the earth devastated and ruined by fire meant that man would eat anything to survive.

When prehistoric man scavenged for food in the hostile environment in which they lived and found little to eat we can envision that the first meal consisting of meat would have been charred or partially cooked by virtue of being caught in a wild fire, all of which were naturally occurring. Or, perhaps, they ate raw meat when necessary. Simply because of what we eat today, we can only imagine that our earliest digestive systems rebelled against eating raw meat.

Can you imagine prehistoric man eating nothing but raw foods, nuts, vegetables and grains and then, suddenly, being thrown into a survival mode and having to eat meat. There is the possibility you may have heard of friends who were vegetarians telling stories of trying to eat meat and becoming violently ill after having consumed some.

Interestingly enough, biologists will tell us that we were not designed to eat meat, but we did adapt to it. So, when looking through the timeline of our human history, humans eating meat for subsistence is a relatively recent evolutionary development.

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